What is Google Adwords? 3




Google has certain requirements for the ads being placed on the page, in terms of both language, content and landing page urls. If they do not feel the ad or the page is of appropriate quality, they will not display it.

Likewise, if they do not think the bid is appropriate, they will set a price. In addition, there are quality score criteria and algorithms which have various effects regarding display.

This can all sound daunting for a novice. For the moment, it is important to remember that the Google Adwords system is worth learning because even though it may sound complicated, it is the most rapid way to generate traffic for your site at a reasonable cost, if you know what you are doing.

If Adwords sounds like it is right for your business, set your budget, start cautiously, learn from others about what works, and track and test your ads and market copy’s results.  If it works, do a bit more of what has been successful. If not, find other keywords or ads that will.



What is Google Adwords? 2

Mastering the use of Google Adwords and effective pay-per-click campaign management is one of the keys to success in online business.

It is measured carefully through a program called Google Analytics, and can be administered more easily now through Google’s software Adwords Editor, which allows you to deal with your campaigns on your desktop, as well as online.

Google Analytics helps measure the metrics of the campaign, including how many times the ad was shown (impressions), how many times it was clicked on (CTR), and how much each click costs, to determine return on investment.

Adwords advertisers can then match the CTR to the number of sales or lead generation conversions to determine the cost of acquiring a new customer, and how much that customer’s overall value is. 

Lots of clicks and sales, no problem. No clicks, then there is something wrong with the ad.  Lots of clicks but no sales, then there is something wrong with the landing page.


What is Google Adwords? 1

Google’s advertising product and main source of revenue. Adwords offers pay-per-click advertising for text and banner ads.

 When advertisers use Adwords to promote their product or service, their ads appear on any related website that is using Adsense, in a contextual manner based on keywords.

Adwords advertisements are short, and consist of a title, two content lines, and a display URL.

Advertisers pick keywords that relate to their ad, and then bid on these keywords. They pay each time someone clicks on their ad. The advertisement will take the clicker to the merchant’s website, in many cases to a specific landing page. The display URL and the landing URL are now required to be the same to avoid things like re-directing to other sites.

Keywords cost more when they are more popular. If a lot of people are bidding on the word “Bichon Frise grooming tips” the cost per click will be much higher.

Depending on the keyword, a click may cost anywhere from $0.10 to several dollars, with the assumption being that the company is selling enough product to be able to get a good return on such an investment, either through lead generation, or sales of product/s.


What is Google Adsense? 3



Another way to monetize the site without plastering distracting ads all over it, is to choose the Google search box option. The coding can be made to match the overall color scheme of the site, and the publisher will receive revenue if the user runs a search and then clicks on one of the Adwords ads that Google will serve up on the search engine results page.

It is income at one further remove from just clicking on an Adwords ad on an Adsense site, however, it is great for more serious-minded sites which want to create a certain impression, but are not averse to monetizing their site in some way.

Since Google has become one of the most trusted sources for search, the Google box can also, simply by appearing on your site, lend a certain credibility to the site, as compared with the many links-only Adsense sites that have popped up recently and offer little or no original content or value.

Getting started with Adsense is easy. All you need is a website and a Google gmail account (all of Google’s services can then be accessed from this one single account).



What is Google Adsense? 2

Since web masters are paid regardless of whether anything is purchased at the advertiser’s site, it may be tempting for the web master to click on all of the ads on his or her site.

However, Google watches for this type of activity, which is called “click fraud.” If a web page is showing signs of click fraud, a web master may lose their access to Google Adsense account permanently.

However, Web masters using the Google Adsense network can discreetly encourage clicks on their website by using three main techniques:

They can use a wide range of traffic-generating techniques to get more visits to their website.

They can add valuable content to their site, to attract Adsense ads that pay higher per click.

They can use copy on their website to encourage visitors to click on the ads.

Some of the most common phrases are “Sponsored Links” and “Advertisements.”

It is against Google Adsense policy to post statements like “Please click on my Adsense links.”

The ads are most valuable when they are contextual, that is, when the ads match useful content the Adsense publisher has put on their site.