What is a Crawler?

A crawler (also called a spider) is a program that searches the Internet and locates new public resources. These resources can include web documents and other types of files.

Crawlers report their finds to an Internet database (called indexing).

Each search engine has its own crawler program that crawls the Internet for new material to list on the search engine.

Spider technology is necessary because the amount of information being added to the Internet on a daily basis is more than any human team can index.

Search engine results pages are delivered up in response to a query based on what pages have been crawled, and how relevant they are deemed to the topic at hand.

With SEO, you are trying to get your page crawled and deemed relevant. There are a number of different strategies to do both.



What is an Email Attachment?



What is an Email Attachment?

An email attachment is a file or group of files that is included with an e-mail message. You can attach files through most e-mail programs.


To attach a file to an e-mail, simply click the “attach file” button (or similar button).


You will usually see a little picture (icon) like a paperclip to show it has been attached. The same picture will appear if someone sends you an email with an attachment.


This will open a menu that will allow you to browse through your computer to find the file or image that you’d like to attach.


Never open any attachment you receive from someone your do not know: it may contain a harmful virus.


Also be careful when sending attachments to others, to make sure they are virus free, and also in a format that they can open and read. Mac to PC computers, for example, do not work as well as PC to Mac.



Why do Pay Per Click?

Why do Pay Per Click?

In a nutshell, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising will help you with your internet marketing in the following ways:

1. PPC will deliver DIRECT and EXACT match search results for your offer

2. You will be able to start generating traffic immediately.

3. You will be able to start generating a database of potential leads immediately if you have an email capture and autoresponder system in place (such as Aweber) and you have an effective and appropriate call to action.

4. The ability to start generating customers and clients immediately if you have good sales copy on a rapid conversion landing page.

5. The ability to fine-tune your marketing efforts through the use of split testing and tracking thanks to the Pay Per Click data. If Items 3 and 4 are not working, you need to re-think your message.  All Pay Per Click systems have detailed data on impressions, click through rates, and can help you determine cost per click and return on investment in terms of lead generation or actual sales at the site.

You can then use this information to continue with PPC, or even improve any and all of your print marketing material.