Words in the Workplace

There are people who do have a “way with words.” They speak in prose, and they use clear words that everyone understands. Yet even those who have the talent can be defeated when they inject “no,” “but” or “however” into their statements.

Whether at home or at work, those who use them can sabotage themselves. Consider these:

“I think it’s fine, but … .” (Never attach a complaint to a positive statement).

“No, that idea won’t work,” Instead, give constructive ideas on what would work.

The third self-defeating word is “however,” as in “That certainly has merit, however … .” This is a thinly veiled attempt to prove someone wrong.

Some people feel a need to be right all the time. No one is.

So watch these three little words, and get more positive results.


Going Viral With Your Site

One of the fastest ways to get traffic is to go viral.

No, you are not catching a cold. Instead, you are spreading the word about your website through other people who have found it and decided it is useful.

To get maximum exposure for your site, why not leverage your cotent and special report which you are using in order to capture email addresses.

Offer your readers free reprint rights to your articles or content as long as they publish it with your signature file, or ‘as is’. In other words, you will give a little extra text with your author name and with a live link which will source back to your site.

One important thing to remember when you are creating your resource box is to provide meaningful anchor text in the link. In other words, AVOID the phrase ‘click here’.

For example, if you were writing articles on Bichon Frise grooming tips, make sure these four words are in the link. Then you might differentiate your site with the name of it, Bob’s Bichon Frise grooming tips, oran adjective, Great, Best, Time-Saving, Money-Saving Bichon Frise grooming tips, and so on.

This anchor text also counts in terms of keywording, so be clear about what  words you want to rank highly on, and also, what url you are going to send them to. Generally, do not send them to the home page of your site, but a specifically targetted and designed page which we call a rapid conversion landing page.

This is a chance to capture their email address yourself with  a lead generation sign up box for a copy of the free special report that you have offered to permit others to pass around virally.

Or, you could offer them something else of value, like a newsletter or a minicourse.

If you allow others to pass along the report, make sure that you create similar links within the report as well, and if you are creating the PDF, that the links are clickable (you can do this online for free with up to 5 files at Adobe.com).

People on the internet frequently pass around material they think other like-minded friends and family will want to see. Often they will never even see your website until they see the special report. So make sure that the site page they go to is one that will grab their attention, and their email address, and watch site go viral.

Finally, within the special report itself, encourage people to pass along the report themselves, right in the document.Those who are very vigilant about protecting the copyright of others will feel encouraged to do so. Those who might have been tempted to steal your work won’t have to, because you are giving them permission to use it to help build their own online presence.

Make sure you include a little biography in your resource box as well, because if enough of these special reports and articles get passed around, you will soon be seen as an expert on the topic, which will certainly not harm the sales at your site. Even if you are only selling affiliate products, this can well mean the difference between a trickle of pennies and a nice healthy affiliate revenue stream.