Keeping Track of Money With Your Online Business

Now more than ever, it is critical to keep track of your cash.

Here are some useful web sites that will help you with many aspects of financial management.


Saving money:

Interest rates:

Mutual funds:

Real estate:

Paying for college: or

Financial planning:



What is Adwords Editor?

What is Adwords Editor? Adwords Editor is a Google software program which helps you manage your Adwords campaigns, including keywords, ads and bids, right from your own computer, with a link to upload all your changes to your Google Adwords account.


Business Marketing Strategy: Creating Online Surveys

Given the dire economic climate at the moment, many people are wringing their hands wondering what it is going to take to stay in business.

Instead of getting agitated, why not view this as a good time to take stock on how your business is doing?

One of the best ways to do this is to take a survey of your current user base.

You can design one for the people on your newsletter list, to see if they can give you any input as to why they might be on your list, but never have purchased from you.

Far more important, however, is to communicate with your existing customer base, those who have ever bought from you, and those who are your most regular buyers.

If you do not know who they are, that should be your first step.

Your second step after email marketing segmentation, will be to design the surveys, and administer them. Then you will have to interpret the results, and act upon them.

We recommend Zoomerang as a fast, easy way to  online today:

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 If you want to know how to improve your marketing online, why not ask your customer….