Installing a Twitter Bar 2

Using TwitterBar.

There are two basic ways to use TwitterBar.  The first is to go to your address bar in your browser – the place where you normally type a URL or website address.

Type your post, for example, learning to use TwitterBar, and then click on the little grey dot at the right hand side of your address bar.

When you hover your cursor over this dot it will tell you how many characters you have left.  For example, if you type learning to use TwitterBar, then it will say 69 left.

You can also post by typing “–post” at the end of your tweet.   For example, learning to use twitterbar “–post”

But wait, there’s more!  When you visit a webpage that you want to post, all you have to do is click the little grey dot and it will send a tweet with the URL.

Twitterbar is a quick and easy way to post on Twitter and take advantage of this popular and growing social networking and marketing tool.  It’s a great way to share valuable information and keep in touch with fellow Twitter friends.


Installing a Twitter Bar 1

Installing a Twitter Bar 1

TwitterBar is a Firefox add on which makes Tweeting or posting on Twitter a quick and easy process.

TwitterBar is a small icon which sits in the upper right hand corner of your browser’s address bar, where you type your URL. Hover over the little grey dot and you’ll see how many characters you have left in your post. (Twitter allows 140 characters per post)

To get TwitterBar installed on your browser, you will first need to be a Firefox user.

Firefox is a free web browser like Internet Explorer by Mozilla.

To grab and install TwitterBar visit:

Go ahead and click on the green Add to Firefox button in the middle of the screen. If you do not presently use Firefox then you’ll first want to go to: and download it for free.

Again, simply click on the green button in the middle of the page and follow the installation instructions.


Why You Need An Autoresponder For Your Online Marketing 2

Another reason why autoresponders are such an essential online marketing tool is the convenience of being able to hone your marketing message as you go along, so that you can convert more and more site visitors into prospective customers.

Regular communication (though NOT spamming) is the key to brand recognition and even brand association and potential loyalty. If you are offering worthwhile information, they will not only want to keep hearing from you about new products and services, they might also help your site go viral, in other words, spread news of your site to their friends and family.

Your email autoresponder can help you with your marketing strategy around the clock. It does take time to set up, but the results are worth it.

Any number of messages can be loaded into the autoresponder series, from one to hundreds, and removed or re-ordered with a simple drag and drop interface and delete keys.

With Aweber, you can also link an autoresponder list to the RSS feed of a site, so that every time a new article is posted at the site, an email will be sent out automatically.

In addition to a pre-set series, you can also send out broadcast emails, or blasts, with special offers, unique content related to a particular occasion like Christmas, and so on.

The beauty of the autoresponder is that you can set up all this information ahead of time, schedule the emails, and they will be sent out automatically while you are tending to other business.

Autoresponders are an essential tool for any online business because you can process leads, manage these leads in different ways, and segment them according to interests.

Autoresponders save time and effort, particularly because they can be templated.

They can also be of real benefit in managing customer service issues, such as requests for more information.

Best of all, autoresponders help you market your site 24/7.

For more information about autoresponders, you can visit Aweber at



Why You Need An Autoresponder For Your Online Marketing 1

An autoresponder is an automatic e-mail response program.

It has become one of the most essential tools for Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and any company who wishes to do a large amount of business on the web.

The autoresponder program will send pre-written e-mail messages instantly to people who request information from any website, newsletter or online merchant.

You set up an email capture which can also include other demographic information, and the autoresponder will automatically confirm their registration, or ask them to confirm using the double opt in system, and then send them the information they have requested.

The information is usually a free special report, white paper, or fact sheet.  If it is a newsletter, the most recent issue can be pre-loaded into the autoresponder, and then they will receive the new one thereafter each time one is published.

One of the most common uses for autoresponders is to create a mini-course to inform and educate potential customers on a niche topic, and in particular, about the benefits of a business or product in order to earn money online.

 Autoresponders allow Internet marketers to follow up with their visitors and customers from a central interface. It is permission-based marketing, especially if they set up their email marketing account in such a way that it requires a double opt-in.

The account can manage multiple email captures, allows subscribers to register and unregister easily, and keeps track of clicks.

In addition, one can split test marketing messages, to see which call to action or subject line or sales message gets the best results.


What is a Spider?

A (also called a crawler or a bot [robot]) is a program that searches the Internet and locates new public resources. These resources can include web pages, documents in PDF and other formats, pictures,  videos, and other types of files.

Spiders report their finds to an Internet database (called indexing).

Each search engine has its own crawler program that crawls the Internet for new material to list on the search engine. They also have their own algorithm, a formula which helps determine how ‘relevant’ (close to what the person is looking for) the web page is.

Spider technology is necessary because the amount of information being added to the Internet on a daily basis is more than any human team can index.

Search engine results pages are delivered up in response to a query based on what pages have been crawled, and how relevant they are deemed to the topic at hand.

With SEO, you are trying to get your page crawled and deemed relevant. There are a number of different strategies to do both.

If your site is frequently crawled by Google, chances are much more likely that your pages are going to be found.