How to Create Wealth to Grow Your Business: A Guide for Entrepreneurs


by Joan Mullally and Evelyn Trimborn


Joan Mullally is a leading author on small business financing, marketing and investing. You can read her blog contributions at Evelyn Trimborn is a freelance journalist on a wide variety of how-to subjects and is a popular contributor to blogs on small business and Internet marketing topics.

The authors give you a detailed approach to creating wealth through strategic planning and implementation of the right tactics for your business to achieve its goals.

They also outline new ways to add lucrative new revenue streams to your business without spending a lot of money or incurring too much risk.

If you want to raise money quickly to start your own business, this guide will show you how to begin immediately so that you don’t have to fund your business through the risky strategies of borrowing from banks, funding with credit cards, or going the venture capital or angel investor route.

Thousands of people are making money through legitimate opportunities that can help them fund their life’s goals. This guide will help you get started today. All it requires is effort, patience, and persistence to meet your wealth creation goals to grow your own small business, and reap the rewards of extra income or replacement income after job loss. You will also discover if you have what it takes to be a business owner, and enjoy the kind of independence and freedom that owning your own business can provide.

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The Rules of Wealth Building
Saving for Business Purposes
Business Taxes
Payroll Taxes
Cash for Unexpected Expenses
Cash for Unexpected Opportunities
Cash for New Project Ideas
Re-Investing Into Your Business
Diversify Your Investments
Retirement Accounts for the Self-Employed
Educate Yourself about Investments and Taxation
Don’t Spend More Than You Can Afford
5 Top Business Budgeting Tips
How to Outsource Strategically
How to Calculate The Value Of Your Time
Additional Streams of Automatic Income
More Rules of Wealth Building

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Keeping Track of Money With Your Online Business

Now more than ever, it is critical to keep track of your cash.

Here are some useful web sites that will help you with many aspects of financial management.


Saving money:

Interest rates:

Mutual funds:

Real estate:

Paying for college: or

Financial planning:



Always pay your monthly hosting fees

If you are on a monthly plan, make sure you keep your payments up to date, or else they can revert back to available at Network Solutions, and someone  can buy it right out from under you. Naturally, you would lose the whole of the website as well.

That happened to me with one of my sites, only in this case, the hosting company did not propagate the DNS correctly, so the domain name was supposedly up for grabs, and then it was sold by Network Solutions to someone who bought a 5 year hosting package, which apparently is then non-refundable.


My hosting company then suggested I try to get the name back for $100.


But all credit to Network Solutions and a reasonable woman who was not thieving my domain, merely caught in the confusion, and I got it back.


The one other thing to note here is that the hosting company was still happily billing me automatically every month. I eventually got the money applied to my account, but it was pretty troublesome and stressful, and as I said, I lost the whole of the site and had to start from scratch.