Welcome to Search Engineers!

This site is currently in progress, as are all blogs, I suppose!

The goal of this site is to help you navigate the world of search engine optimization, or organic search (as opposed to pay per click, where you pay for traffic).

Both SEO and PPC do have certain things in common-they both are dependent upon keywords, which is basically the words people use to find your website.

When you run a search with SEO, in most search engines, you will get a list, usually of about about ten entries, of what that search engine determines to be the best results for your search query.

With PPC, well, they are the paid ads at the top, side and bottom around the organic search results the search engine has given you. Advertisers, companies ranging from small ones like yourself to huge international companies, pay for their clicks. The price range can be anywhere from five cents to twenty, thirty, or even more dollars, depending on the product and how much return on investment that company thinks it will get for the click.

With Search Engine Optimization, you can research your keywords, just as you would with Pay Per Click, but instead, your strategy is going to be to lure the search engine spiders to your site.

Pay Per Click is a good short-term traffic driver and builder to get people to start coming to your site, but SEO is a long-term strategy which costs time and effort, but can yield big dividends.