Protecting your identity online

Protecting your identity both off and online is becoming more and more important due to the dire job market and housing and credit crunches.

Having a bad credit rating can actually cause you to miss out on a job, an apartment rental, or any sort of financing on both a personal, and even a business basis if you were thinking of going into business for yourself.

So what can you do to be vigilant and protect your credit score and identity?

The first thing to do is to check your credit score:

Find Out Your Credit Score

The second thing is to protect your credit score and identity.

Lifelock not only protects against identity theft, it comes with a lot of other handy services, like removing you from pre-approved credit card offers in the mail, and easy way for thieves to target your identity.

It also offers WalletLock-in the event that your wallet is lost or stolen, they can immediately help you contact all of the parties affected to ensure that little to no credit card fraud is perpetrated, and no damage is done to your credit rating.

LifeLock Take Control

 These are two simple steps you can take today, to save yourself a lifetime of hassle.


ZoneAlarm ForceField is Here

ZoneAlarm has officially launched ForceField, a groundbreaking product for virtualized browsing security. ForceField enables consumers to bank, shop and browse the Web safely and privately.

ZoneAlarm ForceField provides a protective layer around your browser, shielding you from drive-by downloads, browser exploits, phishing attempts, spyware and keyloggers. So your passwords, your confidential information, and your financial data remain protected. See what the experts are saying about ForceField:
ZoneAlarm ForceField has been well reviewed in CNET, PCMagazine and Computerworld magazine.
To get your new release right now, go to:

ZoneAlarm ForceField

Zone Alarm Force Field